Humans are being replaced by artificial intelligence in these fields

Artificial intelligence is posing threats in the IT sector for the race of the jobs as the most of the companies are adopting to the artificial intelligence and the entities of the software platform.

Even Alexa and Viv are converging to the cloud connected services and AI and more over speech savy algorithms are present.


One day, Amelia or one of her artificially intelligent cousins might become your indispensable IT assistant.

“Amelia is not just another fun and friendly chatbot,” says Ben Case, solutions architect for IPsoft, the “digital labor company” that created her. “Her goal is to be practical and pragmatic; to answer questions, retrieve information, and solve problems using her semantic network and sophisticated sentiment analysis.”

The classic notion of AI is going to be a machine so smart it fools you into thinking it’s a person. But “artificial intelligence”!! has become a word for a jumble of technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, cognitive computing, and robotic process automation that automate rote tasks and help people make better decisions.

“Fundamentally, AI changes the businesses and operational dynamics program in any industry by enabling machines to find answer and make decisions that humans will  make,” says Tim Tuttle, founder and CEO of Mindmeld, makers of a conversational AI platform. “For example, AI can help field a much larger range of effects and answer those not requiring a person’s time, giving IT persons more time to focus on the difficult questions machines which are not equipped to answer.”

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